Everything you wanted to know about our four-place lab timer

Everything you wanted to know about our four-place lab timer

It might not come as a surprise to learn this little pocket timer is the most inquired about product we sell; but you might be surprised to know who is asking the questions: Children of aging and memory compromised parents. 

We've received so many questions about this device and whether it can be used to help mom keep track of her meds, that we decided to devote an entire article to go over all the features of this timer so the shopper can decide if this is the solution they are searching for. 

If you routinely use lab timers for your research work, you might still discover some cool features, so its a valuable article for a wide range of readers. 

What is obviously most appealing about this lab timer is the ability to program four separate timing functions at once. That would make it a great tool for setting reminders throughout the day, especially when a medication needs to be taken at several dose intervals. 

However, the timer doesnt work quite the way many people think it does. While there is a clock function that lets you view the current time, the timers themselves are essentially countdown timers and not a scheduled timer. 

Meaning: The timer goes off after a specific period of time and not at a set time each day. 

To operate the four-place timer you select one of the four timer options found along the top of the device (T1, T2, etc). 

Then, using the H[ours],M[inutes],S[econds] buttons along the left hand side, you set the desired amount of time that should pass before the timer begins beeping. 

You can set up to four independent timers at once. 

However, you must press the Start/Stop button at the bottom of the timer to activate EACH timer. Pressing it once will only activate the timer that is currently displayed. 

As each timer nears the end of its countdown, about ten seconds from the end, it emits a single "chirp" every second. Once time expires this changes to a "double chirp". 

The timer(s) will continue to now count upwards until you have pressed the stop button. This is actually quite useful if you would like to know how long overdue you are, which is a good way to set expectations for the future. 

In our home, we use these four-place timers to keep track of how long our teenagers are in the shower! 

One alert goes off after five minutes have passed and another after eight. (Longer than that will likely get a pounding on the door!)

However, in the case of an elderly parent, or anyone else needing a regular reminder, this timer will have to be re-started again each day. 

So while these can work for this purpose, they do not offer a "set it and forget it" solution. 

Other nice features these four-place lab timers offer: 

  • A 12/24 hour switch to change format based on location and preferences
  • A handy clip on the back for fastening to your lab coat, house coat, fur coat, etc. 
  • A magnet built into the clip for attaching to metal surfaces
  • A tiny swivel bar that snaps into place when the clip is opened wide to make a little "foot" so the timer can sit on a counter/bench top

And, each timer comes with two button batteries already installed so you can enjoy it straight out of the box. 

We hope this was worth your "time!"