Earn Your PhD Faster By Automating Your Western Blotting With a Next Advance BlotBot

Earn Your PhD Faster By Automating Your Western Blotting With a Next Advance BlotBot

The dreaded Western Blot is a good example of the "hurry up and wait" principle that makes laboratory science so....laborious. 

Once the blot has begun, the scientist is chained to their rocker and lab timer to make sure each step is followed precisely. 

If the lab runs two Western Blots a week, the cumulative hours of unproductive time really piles up and slows everything down.

A typical blot involves the following steps: 

Automating your Western Blots is simple 

It isn't difficult to make a case for automating this time consuming activity and free up the scientist to work on other projects. 

The Freedom RockerTM BlotBot® by Next Advance is a simple to use automated blot device which can be up and running just minutes after unpacking and setting on the lab bench. 

The BlotBot incubates and washes blots after transfer and can also stain gels. 

Best of all - no changes to protocols are required!

Just add reagents, buffers and antibodies and select from the menu - adjustments can be made on the full color touch screen if needed. 

The Next Advance Freedom Rocker BlotBot does the rest.

Recover most of your antibodies for your next blot run. This is brilliant! 

How does the Blot Bot compare with manual methods?

Because the entire blot process is now automated, results are more consistent and do not vary from user to user. 

Reviewers enthusiastically endorse the Next Advance BlotBot: 

“The BlotBot saved my life – not only does it save me a ton of time because I don’t have to babysit my blots while it’s processing, but the blots come out really clean and consistent every time.”

-Srividya Venkitachalam, Case Western Reserve University

“The results from the BlotBot are higher quality and more consistent than manual blot processing. I love having the blots processed overnight, ready to image in the morning. Amazing instrument!”

-Nat Clark, University of Texas Health and Science Center at San Antonio

“It is perfect for silver staining of gels for mass spectrometry. It has made an UNBELIEVABLE impact on data generation for me in cancer protein screening.”

-Dr. Steve Griffiths, Atlantic Cancer Research Institute

This side by side image corroborates their experience: 

Try the Next Advance BlotBot for a month with a money back guarantee. 

The BlotBot pays for itself after just thirty uses.