Crush Grind Pulverize and Liquify Tough Solids For Testing and Molecular Biology Applications With These Powerful New Homogenizers

Crush Grind Pulverize and Liquify Tough Solids For Testing and Molecular Biology Applications With These Powerful New Homogenizers

Anyone who has worked in a research laboratory is familiar with the purpose of a lab homogenizer.

To unlock the genetic secrets hidden in a sample, be it bone, brain, tissue, plant or any other organic material, explosive force is needed to smash through material and break down the cellular walls and release nucleic acids.

Laboratory homogenizers typically do this using an apparatus that may resemble a household blender with rotating blades or tubes containing super hard beads that bounce around and smash the tube contents or even using ultrapowerful sound waves to crack open cellular material.

Laboratory homogenizers are generally used for small volume preparation with their maximum volume topping out around 50mL.

When a situation calls for processing larger volume samples at a faster rate of production, an industrial sized homogenizer is the right choice.

Who uses an industrial homogenizer in their work?

Laboratories conducting water testing where solids must be dissolved, crushed and pulverized.

Laboratories performing analytical studies on plant material, especially with the explosion of cannabis testing.

Laboratories evaluating food products for contaminants.

These applications require a homogenizer with greater capacity which also requires a more powerful motor and grinding mechanism.

Stellar Scientific offers two new industrial homogenizers to meet the growing demand for molecular and biochemical analysis of large batch quantities.

The Beadblaster 96 is a ball mill homogenizer that works with standard laboratory sample sizes ranging from microplates up to 50mL tubes.

Stainless steel grinding jars up to 50mL in volume can be combined with stainless steel balls for dry or cryogrinding of difficult samples and preparation of inorganic samples. 

Microplates and tubes up to 50ml can be used for higher throughput or larger volume wet grinding

For large sized sample processing up to 400mL in size, the BenchMasher paddle blender is powerful enough to break down large samples or mix powders and polymers.

Choose a sterile blending bags offering no filter, side filter or full nylon filter depending on the contents and application.

The blending chamber can be heated up to 65C for instances when thermal regulation is desired, such as Trichinella testing in meat products.

The entire chamber interior can be routinely decontaminated and sterilized thanks to the 254nm UVC light built into the unit.

Are these homogenizers too much for your laboratory?

Stellar Scientific has handheld homogenizers and bead homogenizers like the Beadbug from Benchmark Scientific and Bullet Blender homogenizers from Next Advance to cover a full range of DNA and RNA extraction protocols.