Cool Blue Nitrile Gloves to the Rescue at 35000 Feet

Cool Blue Nitrile Gloves to the Rescue at 35000 Feet

"Why are you packing a handful of Cool Blue nitrile gloves in your carry-on bag?" - I asked"

"Because you never know when you might need a good pair of gloves" - She said

Five-hours later as our flight to Italy was soaring over the Atlantic, she got to make good on her prediction. 

Just as we were both falling asleep, a shout of: "Help! I need help!" went up from the row behind us. 

A young boy alerted the plane that his elderly grandmother was vomiting and unconscious in her seat. 

It took a few moments to register this was really happening and then several more as people began frantically calling out for someone from the airline to come to the assistance. 

In a flash, she was over the seat and tending to this woman well before anyone else arrived on the scene. 

"Hand me the Cool Blue gloves" she ordered and I quickly dug them out of her carry-on and put them in her hands. 

Slowly the woman came to and members of the flight-crew and a doctor arrived to stabilize the patient.

With the experience that comes from raising a large family and taking care of a mother-in-law with Alzheimer's, she calmed the women down and began cleaning her up, head to toe.

Had the woman choked or been unable to be woken up, this would have been the shortest vacation ever. 

You could hear the sighs of relief all across the cabin as people realized the situation was under control and they could go back to watching their movies or playing games on their phones.

She got a very nice gift-bag of chocolate from the airlines to thank her for showing courage and initiative (and probably for saving the flight from disaster).

I got an awesome photo of our Cool Blue gloves in action, and a whole new level of respect and appreciation for her. 

We've written extensively about the quality of our Cool Blue nitrile gloves; how comfortable they are and versatile, they're not just for working in the laboratory. 

If our Cool Blue gloves are good for cleaning up vomit at 35000 feet, they're an excellent choice for keeping your hands safe when performing your daily laboratory experiments. 

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