An Air-Jacketed CO2 Incubator for Cell Culture With Customized Options Gives Maximum Control Over Budget and Features

An Air-Jacketed CO2 Incubator for Cell Culture With Customized Options Gives Maximum Control Over Budget and Features

Whether your lab needs a basic air-jacketed CO2 incubator for culturing and growing mammalian cells or requires a more complex incubator, the  ST45 and ST180 CO2 incubators from Benchmark Scientific offer incredible flexibility and safety features at a reasonable price.

Like all high-quality CO2 incubators, even the entry level CO2 incubators from Benchmark Scientific feature:

  • A stainless steel interior with curved corners for easy cleaning
  • A microprocessor for controlling temperature and CO2 levels
  • Notification alarms
  • A glass inner door for observing cells without disturbing the CO2 level or temperature
  • A drip pan for maintaining humidity in the 85-90% range.

Special enhancements to Benchmark Scientific air-jacketed CO2 incubators are:

Dual beam infrared sensors (IR) for monitoring CO2 concentration. This helps maintain excellent pH stability and rapid CO2 recovery when a door has been opened.

Six-heating elements, one on each side of the interior, delivers uniform temperature throughout the CO2 incubator, while the heated door reduces or eliminates condensation forming on the inner glass viewing door.

Will your lab be growing suspension cell which require shaking and aeration?

Both the ST45 (1.5 cu foot) and ST180 (6.3 cu foot) models can be equipped with this orbital shaker that is operated and powered by a remote that magnetically mounts to the side of the incubator.

Both Benchmark Scientific CO2 incubator models are stackable for increasing capacity without sacrificing laboratory floor space.

Moving up to the plus version of the Benchmark Scientific ST45P or ST180P CO2 incubator introduces three additional, advanced features.

An eight-hour high-heat decontamination system. Turn on the cycle when closing the lab for the evening and return the next morning to a clean, contamination free incubator.

Split inner glass doors make specific sample retrieval fast and decrease exposure to ambient conditions.

Digitally controlled relative humidity which can be held up to 95% to protect sensitive cells from drying out.

Between these four air-jacketed CO2 models, the Benchmark Scientific CO2 incubator can meet the majority of laboratory needs.

Because some research laboratories require more complex environments for mammalian cell growth, Benchmark Scientific CO2 incubators have four additional customizations to increase versatility.

Laboratories investigating cell growth in hypoxic conditions can equip the Benchmark Scientific CO2 incubator with O2 ports and controls to better replicate cell-growth as it takes place in the body.

Laboratories in need of sub-ambient conditions can equip this CO2 incubator with a Peltier cooling module to achieve temperatures 5C below ambient.

If contamination issues keep the Lab Manager up a night, the Benchmark Scientific ST45 and ST180 CO2 incubators can be delivered with an internal UV lamp and the entire interior, chamber, shelves, and rails can be made from naturally antimicrobial copper .

From basic cell culture to advanced, there is a Benchmark Scientific CO2 incubator at a great price to support your research.