A Universal Fit Filter Tip Accommodates a Wide Range of Micro Pipettes

A Universal Fit Filter Tip Accommodates a Wide Range of Micro Pipettes

Rightfully so, scientists worry how changes to their supplies will impact the quality of their research.

Seemingly minor deviations in plastic thickness or surface treatment can alter the way cells grow or the reading of sensitive laboratory instruments and send months of work down the drain.

It is rare for a laboratory to switch their cell culture supplies or PCR supplies in the middle of an experiment.

Because pipette tips are the backbone of so much activity that takes place in the lab, unless there are compelling factors, most lab managers or technicians avoid making changes here as well.

Historic shortages brought on by the increased demand due to COVID-19 testing has laboratories facing a do or die situation with pipette tips along with other lab staples like 15 and 50mL conical tubes, cell culture plates and serological pipettes.

Owning a set of universal fit pipettes is an excellent hedge against threats to the supply chain.

Unlike highly specialized pipettes which can only accommodate custom fit pipette tips, universal fit pipettes accept a wide range of brand of pipette tips.

The design of the pipette cone is the key to getting a good fit with universal pipette tips.

The Rainin® LTS pipettes are famously known for their rounded “barrel” tip cone which requires a very smooth and straight pipette tip collar to fit.

The Thermo Clip Tip® pipettes have grooves in the tip cone and collar of the plastic pipette tip which click together to form a seal.

Universal pipettes feature a slanted tip cone which expands the plastic of the pipette tip collar when inserted with force and creates the vacuum seal needed to operate the pipette.

Some of the most popular brands of universal fit pipettes offered by Stellar Scientific are the Labnet Biopette Plus pipettes, the NextPette pipette and Diamond Apex pipettes.

These brands of universal pipettes are lightweight, accurate and easy to grip and hold.

While the NextPette is available only as a single channel pipette, the Labnet® and Diamond Apex® brands of universal pipettes are available as both single channel and multi-channel pipettes.

Stellar Scientific provides a selection of excellent universal fit filter tip pipette tips to outfit these universal fit pipettes.

Nine different universal fit pipette tips can be found on our website.

Most of these pipette tips are drop shipped but universal filter tips from Globe Scientific and universal filter tips from Oxford Lab Products are now regularly in stock in Baltimore and ready to ship.

We have received excellent feedback on all of our universal fit pipette tips for their compatibility with the most common brand of micro pipettes such as Eppendorf® Research, Eppendorf® Research Plus and Gilson® Pipetteman.

Your search for universal fit pipette tips ends with Stellar Scientific