A Novel Solution For Affordable Robotic Reagent Reservoirs For High Throughput Screening

A Novel Solution For Affordable Robotic Reagent Reservoirs For High Throughput Screening

Another casualty of the global ramp up of COVID-19 testing are reagent reservoirs for robotic liquid handlers.

Like filter tip pipette tips, 2mL screw-cap tubes and 50mL conical tubes – there just aren’t enough to go around.

Reservoirs for these liquid handlers are designed to conform to each robotic device’s platform architecture and fit securely into specific locations so the electronic pipettes can draw up reagents without tipping the reservoir over.

Polypropylene is the material of choice for robotic reservoirs on account of its rigidity, durability, and chemical resistance.

Stellar Scientific offers DMSO resistant polypropylene reagent reservoirs from several manufacturing partners which are compatible with a broad range of robotic devices.

Our polypropylene reagent reservoirs are all RNase and DNase free and available sterile and non-sterile in several formats and configurations.

High-quality virgin polypropylene needed to produce these reagent reservoirs is in demand for other critical laboratory liquid handling tools making polypropylene reservoirs more difficult to come by.

One of our supplier partners has come up with a cost-effective solution to produce more sterile robotic reservoirs while reducing dependency on polypropylene.

Their robotic reservoirs are made of two pieces: a rigid polypropylene base that matches the footprint of the liquid handler and a disposal polystyrene insert which locks securely into the base.

Like their polypropylene "cousins", these polystyrene reagent reservoirs are RNase and DNase free, non-pyrogenic and certified sterile. 

These ingenious robotic reagent reservoirs are made of clear or white polystyrene and available in 8, 96 and 384 well options.

The 8-well and 96-well are deep well troughs with a maximum volume of 275mL (shallow 75mL versions are available too) while the 384 well option is only available as 75mL.

These new reagent reservoirs have been tested on both the Opentrons robot and Integra Viaflow liquid handling device and performed like a champ!

With everyone scrambling to locate sterile robotic reservoirs Stellar Scientific delivers a fresh idea to keep your robotic liquid handlers moving full steam ahead!