Benchmark Scientific myBlock II - Digital Dry Bath Dual Chamber BSH5002, No Blocks

Benchmark Scientific myBlock II - Digital Dry Bath Dual Chamber BSH5002, No Blocks

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These digital dry baths are truly pioneers in the industry as they include options for setting timed cycles or running continuously, advanced microprocessor controls, and a hinged lid that can be taken off.

Also, you have the choice of including an external temperature feedback probe which can be placed in the sample tube to give you real-time monitoring and control of your sample's temperature. 

The Benchmark Scientific MyBlock's see through lid provides better consistency in temperature and greatly lessens the formation of different temperature layers (stratification) by preserving a warm air jacket layer.

In addition there is a reduction in energy use, because it decreases the energy that escapes to the surrounding area. The lid is hinged and can be removed with little effort or it opens towards the back to allow for larger tubes.

The single block model is available as various bundles that may include our one of a kind Quick-Flip™ blocks. This new product has the ability to hold 0.5 to 2.0mL microcentrifuge tubes on one side or with a quick flip, they can hold 0.2ml tubes or PCR strips.

There are also a variety of standard blocks available in a multitude of sizes to fit all applications.

Blocks are sold separately, please refer to the PRODUCT ACCESSORY page here, to complete your purchase

Temperature range:
Ambient +5 to 105C
Temperature Accuracy:
Temperature Uniformity:
± 0.3°C
Temperature Increments:
Timer duration:
1 min. to 48 hours / continuous
6.3 x 145 x 5 in. / 16 x 36.5 x 13 cm
2 Years