Benchmark Scientific BeadBath Duo 2L Dual Function Water and Bead Bath B2402, 115V

Benchmark Scientific BeadBath Duo 2L Dual Function Water and Bead Bath B2402, 115V

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While bead baths and water baths may look very similar and perform similarly, each uses a different heating mechanism to provide a uniform temperature. 

Because of the differences in how they heat, it has not been easy for a lab to simply convert their current water bath into a bead bath.

The new DuoBath series from Benchmark Scientific makes is possible for a lab to use the same bath for both water or bead based heating.

Use the mode selector to change from water to beads and the internal heating mechanisms align to produce the best results for that heating medium. 

Bead baths are gaining in popularity for thawing, heating and incubating media and lab samples because they require very little maintenance. 

There is no water to evaporate, no heating elements to burn out and they can be run constantly with little supervision. 

Bead baths are far less prone to water borne contamination.

Benchmark Scientific DuoBath bead baths do not come with beads. Purchase Lab Armor beads separately here

A 2L bead bath will use less than 2L of beads and a 10L bead bath will use 8L of beads.  


Temp Range - Water Mode:
Ambient +5 to 80C
Temp Range - Bead Mode:
Ambient +5 to 70C
Temperature Accuracy:
Temperature Increments:
Temp Uniformity - Water Mode:
+/- 0.2C
Temp Uniformity - Bead Mode:
+/- 0.9C
Exterior Dimensions:
6.5 x 8 x 6 inches
Interior Dimensions:
5.3 x 6.4 x 5.3 inches
4.5 lbs
2 Years

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