Accuris Taq DNA Polymerase, 1000 Units, 5u/µl

Accuris Taq DNA Polymerase, 1000 Units, 5u/µl

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Accuris Taq provides superior results for routine applications. Modified to improve DNA-binding, this polymerase offers higher solubility and greater template affinity, resulting in consistently superior performance.

Accuris Taq Polymerase exhibits a 5' to 3' nuclease activity, but no 3' to 5' (proofreading) activity and works well with a wide range of DNA templates including GC-rich sequences.

The polymerase is supplied with a 5X buffer containing MgCl2 and proprietary mix of enhancers (dNTP's not included).

Comes as two packs of ACC-PR1000-500 

  • Ideal for routine PCR applications as well as genotyping, colony PCR and fast PCR
  • Improved template affinity and solubility for higher enzyme activity and greater yields
  • Proprietary buffer optimized for a variety of assay conditions