Accuris First Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit, 200 Reactions

Accuris First Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit, 200 Reactions

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Accuris First Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit includes four components: a high capacity Reverse Transcriptase, an optimized 5X buffer, and separate solutions of oligo (dT) primers, and random hexamer primers. 

This multi-component format is ideal for 10pg to 2.0µg of input RNA and allows for greater flexibility in assay design. 

The cDNA Synthesis Kit is supplied with a specially formulated 5X buffer. This buffer has been optimized to work with the RT provided in the kit and contains optimal levels of dNTPs, 20mM MgCl2 , stabilizers and enhancers. High quality cDNA can be produced with maximum efficiency using this buffer and RT.

The use of other additives is not required or recommended.

The First Strand cDNA Synthesis Flex Kit works optimally with 10pg to 2.0µg of total RNA or 5pg to 0.5µg of oligo (dT) purified mRNA. If input RNA is in excess of 2.0µg in a 20µl reaction volume, best results will be obtained by increasing the suggested amount of high capacity reverse transcriptase by 1.5 to 2 times.