2L HDPE Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, EA

2L HDPE Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, EA

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These Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles have thick walls that can hold near full vacuum for 24 hours, making them excellent replacements for glass HPLC containers, and ideal for applications involving liquid aspiration, cell harvesting, and degasification.

Is there a worse lab chore than cleaning out a vacuum bottle recepticle? They are repositories of filth and generate numerous warning messages from on-staff public heath/safety officers.

Someone has to dump it out and scrub it clean, and no sooner is it done, it becomes dirty all over again.

Its time to say "goodbye to glass" and check out our Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles.

They combine maximum ease of use and versatility, with the highest level of strength and durability.

Laboratories LOVE these HDPE bottles. Their opaque color masks the contents and they can be easily bleached and return to their original pristine condition. 

All Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles are compatible with 53mm and 83mm VersaCap® technology and adapters, enabling easy customization of the bottle to fit your application.

    • Height: 10.8in (274mm)
    • Width: 4.72in (120mm)
    • Length: 4.72in (120mm)
    • Volume: 2L
    • Bottle Material: HDPE
    • Cap Size: 53mm
    • Cap Material: Polypropylene