qMAX Multiplex Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Kit, No Rox, 100 Rxns

qMAX Multiplex Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Kit, No Rox, 100 Rxns

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qMAX Probe One Step Multiplex kits are specifically developed and optimized for efficient probe-based detection of multiple targets in a single reaction well.  

The Multiplex formulation is comprised of a 20x reverse transcriptase and 2x PCR Mix preparation ideally suited for complex RNA samples including low-copy number viral RNA commonly used in the clinical and research laboratory.  qMAX Probe One Step Multiplex kits have been designed to overcome the many challenges of multiplex RT-PCR, by addressing important factors such as the balance between magnesium chloride and deoxynucleotide concentrations, the relative Taq Polymerase and reverse transcriptase concentration, and the ionic conditions of the core reaction buffer.

All Accuris One-Step Kits are compatible with standard and fast cycling protocols and provide increased sensitivity, speed and reproducibility for a broad range of samples and targets.

This technical bulletin demonstrates the effectiveness of our qMAX Probe One Step Multiplex kit