Constant Climate Chamber HPP110eco Peltier System, 115V - 108L

Constant Climate Chamber HPP110eco Peltier System, 115V - 108L

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The Memmert HPP110 constant climate chamber is quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly, and extremely economical. 

Offering a total of 108L of testing space and controls (TFT display) that are so easy to use, you will be wondering how you ever managed without a Memmert!

Maintain incredible tight controls over internal humidity with the built in self-priming water pump and built-in hot steam generator.

Seamlessly heat and cool with absolute precision using the new Peltier temperature control system. 

Humidification provided by hot steam generator; dehumidification by cold trap using the Peltier technology

The programming interface can be set in English, German, Spanish, French, Czech and Hungarian to accommodate a wide range of lab personnel. 

Automatically restores to last program in event of power failure

The AtmosControl software allow for remote programming that can be done via mouse/PC or tablet, and data can be transferred using USB stick and Ethernet/LAN. 

Heated inner glass panes with 2-point locking mechanism

Integrated over and undertemperature protection "ASF", automatically following the set-point value at a preset tolerance range, visual and audio alarm in case of over or undertemperature.

Comes with two stainless steel electropolished shelves, five total shelf capacity. 

Temperature Range:
without humidity: from 0°C to +70°C, with humidity: from +5°C to +70°C
Temperature Accuracy:
Humidity Range:
10 - 90 % rh
Humidity Accuracy:
0.5 %
Three freely selectable temperature values, 2-point calibration for humidity: 20 and 90 % rh
Ethernet LAN, USB
Interior Dimensions:
22” x 18.9” x 15.8”
Exterior Dimensions:
29.3” x 34” x 26.5”
2 Included
Maximum Loading Weight: