Lena Biosciences GradientEZ Cell Migration System, Sterile, 6-Petal, 12/PK

Lena Biosciences GradientEZ Cell Migration System, Sterile, 6-Petal, 12/PK

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GradientEZ is a versatile system used for 3D cell migration and invasion assays. It is composed of completely inert, transparent, and hydrophilic glass microfibers. Its six petal design enables parallel testing of multiple modulators of cell motility or invasion, drug gradients, or drugs in different concentrations.

GradientEZ is simple to use, yet enables researchers to study even higher order 3D cell processes in vitro, such as metastases.
It is compatible with all cell types and extracellular matrices. Examples of cells used in GradientEZ include primary human neutrophils, T cells, B cells, cancer cells, and normal brain, bone, liver, lung cells and many more!

Multiple stimuli are present to cells migrating and invading in vivo. GradientEZ allows to model such signaling in a single well. 

Add cells to the center and test multiple modulators of cell motility or invasion by adding them to petals or lobes.

GradientEZ is a system for 3D cell migration and invasion assays. It enables parallel testing of multiple modulators of cell invasion in a single well.

Cells can be isolated for quantitative results or fluorescently labeled and imaged in real time. 

Petal design is ideally suited for prolonged nerve regeneration studies.


- Permits the generation of complex & reproducible gradients of soluble factors and substrate-bound molecules

- Supports co- and counter-gradients of multiple test compounds applied in chemotaxis, invasion, and chemo-invasion assays

- Enables concurrent testing of drug combination strategies - Enables the testing and study of metastases in vitro


  • 3D cell invasion
  • 3D chemo-invasion
  • 3D cell migration
  • 3D chemotaxis
  • Testing of metastatic potential by adding invasive cells to center and normal to petals