Lab Armor Chill Bucket - Comes with Bucket, Beads, Bag and Chill Packs

Lab Armor Chill Bucket - Comes with Bucket, Beads, Bag and Chill Packs

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Until now, all laboratory ice buckets were used the same way. By filling a foam or rubberized bucket with ice. But if you include ice, you create a significant opportunity for contamination.

Solving a problem like this requires more than an incremental change. It requires a breakthrough.



The Chill Bucket replaces ice with a cooling system comprised of Lab Armor® thermal metallic beads and ice packs.

When you pick up a new Chill Bucket, you immediately notice that its cold, dry and shaped to balance in one arm.

The entire bucket is stays dry and does not sweat. It also looks polished and refined. And it feels strong and durable — perfect for life in the lab.

Each kit includes a Bead Bag. Perfect companion to tote the beads to and from the freezer. It’s the nylon mesh that allows any condensation on the beads to escape. The nylon fiber also resists mold and mildew. Should Beads need to washed, the mesh bag works like a wash bag. The mesh holes are small enough to hold the beads in and makes washing the beads easy.

And Chill Packs. These are really just ordinary ice packs from Rubbermaid. 

We chose them because they hold temperature for a long time and they are the tough enough to be used over and over again without breaking, or tearing like the vinyl shipping freeze packs will.

And after a lot of use, they can be cleaned with alcohol or bleach to keep the Chill Bucket system free of mold and other microbes.

Below is data on temperature stability over time: