Fruit Fuge Benchtop Mini Centrifuge with Two Rotors - Avocado

Fruit Fuge Benchtop Mini Centrifuge with Two Rotors - Avocado

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Brighten up your drab bench top with a splash of fun color! 

The Fruit Fuge™ is a full featured microcentrifuge that comes loaded with incredible features. 

Two rotors - One for 8 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes, the other holds 32 x 0.2mL or four 8-place PCR strip tubes. 

Rotors require NO TOOLS and simply snap on or off

The PCR tube rotor stores conveniently in the base to ensure it does not get lost, misplaced or accidentally swept into the garbage. 

Additional adapter tubes for 0.5mL and 0.2mL tubes are also included in the base. 

To operate the Fruit Fuge™ plug the unit in and turn on the power switch in the back of the centrifuge. 

Close the lid to engage the safety and the motor quickly accelerates to 6000 rpm (2000xg). 

Open the lid and the centrifuge slows in under 1.5 seconds

A reliable motor offers years of excellent service. Two year warranty.  

Learn how we came up with this name and how a portion of each purchase of a Fruit Fuge™ goes to buy fresh foods and vegetables for financially disadvantaged families. 

Each Fruit Fuge™ purchase delivers a healthy meal for up to eight people! 

Now that's something we can all feel good about!

Spins these tubes:
.2ml and 1.5/2.0mL
Maximum rotor capacity:
8 x1.5/2.0ml or 4, 8-place strip tubes
Duration of spin:
Quick - press to close
2 Years