Zero customers and going strong!

Sounds like a pretty bad way to grow a business. 

So what are we celebrating then?

We like to make a very simple distinction that for us, tells the whole story of who we are and what we are all about. 

There is something fundamental that makes selling scientific equipment a completely different experience than nearly every other product. 

When McDonalds sells a hamburger, the transaction is quick and the experience complete within a short time. There is no long-term relationship or sense of participation. Unless you become a shareholder in McDonalds corporation, the customer remains just another end-user. 

That is why companies that sell things are turning to social media in droves so that they can maintain the conversation about their product long after the momentary pleasure has passed. 

Not so with us. 

It is astounding that for the price of a few dollars, all it takes to buy some plastic tubes or plates, we become an active participant in the most cutting edge research on the planet. 

At Stellar Scientific you will find in our public and private communications that we use the term "lab partner" almost exclusively when speaking about, or to, "customers." 

We are humbled, grateful and so blessed to know that when you choose to purchase your supplies from us, we are being invited to become a valued member of your research team, and a partner in your great discoveries. 

So, yes. We take a lot of pride in saying that we have zero customers, and we thank you for that!