In the News: Medical Research Advances with Laser Printing and Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles have been a buzzword for years now, but scientists continue to amaze the world with new technologies and applications for them. Most recently, Advanced Materials published a study by Missouri University of Science & Technology researchers of how laser printing can create bioresorbable electronics out of nanoparticles.

Less Expensive Nanoparticle Conductors

The breakthrough will potentially lower the cost of manufacturing the components, while also eliminating oxidation. That makes them more accessible for everyday healthcare and with fewer negative interactions.

Bioresorbable electronics, which dissolve inside the human body, have uses for medical care as well as espionage, wearable technology, and other purposes. Perhaps within a few years, laser-printed zinc conductors will just be an ordinary part of our lab equipment and supplies.

The researchers used evaporation and condensation to sinter the zinc nanoparticles and create zinc conductors without surface oxides. The conductors are ready for use with existing medical nanotechnology, so expanded applications could quickly become realized.

Research Equipment for the New Big Breakthrough

At Stellar Scientific, we help you keep your basic lab equipment and supplies in stock while also learning about new and exciting equipment. It’s remarkable to consider that the materials you think of as normal work supplies — such as electrophoresis gel or DNA markers — were once as newfangled as laser-printed nanoconductors.

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