How we took a step down the innovation path!

They say necessity is the "Mother of Invention," but we think a strong familiarity with what you currently have AND a good listening ear are also important ingredients that should not be overlooked. 

We had the opportunity to recently put these together and generate a little novelty that could prove to be valuable for our partner base. 

A partner approached us in search of a reliable hybridization oven that would allow them the maximum range of activities without breaking the bank. They needed a device that could rotate samples and also perform shaking functions like a regular orbital shaker (but not concurrently).  

They grant money available for this purchase was severely limited (no surprise there!), and so we were tasked to look for a solution. 

Their timing could not have been more perfect. Just a few days earlier we received notice from our friends at Benchmark Scientific of a new, programmable rotator called the Benchmark RotoBot that comes loaded with functions and had the capacity to meet their needs. 

In addition to its functional side, the RotoBot is also cold-room and incubator safe. The question was: "What sort of footprint does it have? Will it fit inside another Benchmark item, the Incushaker Mini?" 

A quick call got us the answer we needed. "Yes, the two devices could be fitted together with room to spare!"

Here is what our "hybrid" hybridization oven looks like: 

No, it isn't the prettiest looking thing to ever grace a bench-top, but for under $3000 you probably won't find a better deal. 

While in the end, our partner elected to go with a more traditional model, the exercise was invaluable for our team. We learned that we really know our products well, and the value of not rushing a prepared answer to a problem.