A Visit with the Vendor. The Road Warrior sits down to learn a few new tricks!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend a full day in the company of the Benchmark Scientific team in their beautiful new 37,000 square foot facility. 

Benchmark is known to many for their innovative mechanical and heating products. 

Equipment that have become fixtures in nearly every lab like: The Incushaker series featuring the patented MagiClamp magnetic clamp; the MyFuge Mini and family of micro-centrifuges; and the Beadbug benchtop homogenizer. 

Over the course of my six-hour stay, we reviewed each product in their extensive line. Time was spent focusing on several new and exciting innovations that are hitting the market now, as well as highlighting important features of several lab standards of which many people are unaware. 

An example of something new and exciting - The MyFuge Mini now comes with these three exciting added bonus features:

1. The integrated PCR strip rotor has been doubled to hold four strip tubes instead of two

2. The rotors now simply pop on and off thanks to a clever locking mechanism. No more searching for an Allen wrench when swapping out rotors. 

3. Finally, adapters for .5ml tubes are now included standard (that is a savings of $34!) and fit snugly into the base of the unit. 

All of this, and the price has not been impacted at all. 

Did you know? 

Did you know that lab heating mechanisms like hotplate/stirrers and dry blocks, even when digitally controlled, are habitually inaccurate

This is because the internal thermometer only measures the temperature of the heating surface and not the substance you are heating!

So you can have your hotplate set to 100C, but still not achieve a boil because the contents of your flask are several degrees cooler.  

This is why Benchmark recommends always purchasing the additional temperature probe. Its a few extra dollars, but well worth it for unparalleled accuracy. 

At Stellar Scientific we are always learning to offer you the most up-to-date and valuable information. 

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