Biomiga Blood Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit, 250 preps

Biomiga Blood Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit, 250 preps

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The EZgeneTM Viral DNA/RNA kit provides an easy and reliable method for isolating total viral DNA/RNA from plasma, serum, whole blood, urine and cell culture supernatant.

This procedure has been tested for isolating nucleic acids from Hepatitis A, Hepatitis C and HIV. The isolated DNA/RNA can be used for PCR, RT-PCR and other downstream applications. 

Includes: Buffer PLY, Wash Buffer, DEPC-Treated ddH2O, ezBind Columns, Collection Tubes, User Menu


  •  Add 1% volume of β-mercaptoethanol to Buffer PLY before use and store at 4 oC.
  •  Add 8 mL (VR6511-00) or 60 mL (VR6511-01) or 96 mL (VR6511-02) 100% ethanol into each Wash Buffer bottle before use.

Materials supplied by users

  •  Tabletop microcentrifuge
  •  1.5 mL sterile tubes
  •  100% ethanol