Biomiga Adeno-Associated Virus Purification Maxi Prep Kit, serotype 2 and DJ, 4 preps

Biomiga Adeno-Associated Virus Purification Maxi Prep Kit, serotype 2 and DJ, 4 preps

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ViraTrapTM adenovirus associate virus purification kit is a fast AAV purification method with high recovery. The AAV can be purified in 60-120 minutes while the traditional CsCl ultracentrifugation takes 24 hours.

Adeno-assoiciated viruses, belong to the replication deficient parvovirus family, are small singlestranded DNA viruses. 

AAVs are important gene delivery tools, which have been used in gene therapy and RNAi delivery.

Traditionally AAVs are purified by ultracentrifugation using CsCl to separate the virus particles from cellular proteins and media components. 

The CsCl ultracentrifugation procedure is time consuming and limited to the volume of cell lysate to be processed.

The ViraTrapTM AAV maxi purification kit is designed for efficient purification of rAAV (Serotype 2 and DJ) vector transfected cell line. 

Up to 3 x1012 viral particles can be purified from cell culture media of 6 to 8 T75 flasks.

Each column can be regenerated for purifying the same rAAV. For optimized viral binding and recovery, each column can be regenerated only once.


Regeneration Buffer 100 x Nuclease, Reaction BufferNuclease, Binding Buffer, 15 mL Collection Tube, Desalting Tube, Press-On Cap, Mini Columns

Storage and Stability

All components are guaranteed for at least 12 months from the date of purchase.

Safety Considerations

The adenovirus infected cell media and the purified virus can be potential bio-hazardous material and can be infectious to human and animals. All protocols MUST be performed under at least Bio-Safety level 2 working condition.

Materials Required But Not Supplied 

  • 1.ddH2O
  • 2.PBS Buffer
  • 3.Cell Scrapers
  • 4.0.45 μm Syringe Filter (Sterilized before use)
  • 5.0.22 μm Syringe Filter
  • 6.10 mL Syringe