Benchmark Scientific R3010 Tube Roller with 10 Rollers

Benchmark Scientific R3010 Tube Roller with 10 Rollers

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The Benchmark Scientific R3010 TubeRoller is designed for the gentle, through mixing of a variety of containers, including Vacutainers™, bottles, test tubes, centrifuge tubes and roller bottles.

The Benchmark Scientific R3010 tube roller operates at a constant 38rpm, chosen as the optimum speed for the broadest range of mixing requirements.

As the roller mechanism rotates through each complete revolution, the right side of each roller is gently elevated about 0.5 in (13mm) and returns to the horizontal starting position.

This additional, gentle up/down motion provides a "wave" effect and guarantees that the entire sample is subjected to complete, thorough mixing, end to end.

Accepts tubes and bottles from 8mm to 200mm

This built in tilt feature provides a level of homogeneous mixing uniformity that can not be matched by any stationary roller apparatus. From blood collection tubes to roller bottles, the Benchmark Scientific R3010 Tube Roller is the ideal choice for research, clinical laboratories and doctors' offices.

2 Years
Rotation speed:
Fixed 38rpm
Timer duration:
Cold Room Safe: