Benchmark Scientific 180L Plus CO2 Incubator (H3565-180HDO2) With O2 Control, Dual IR Beam Sensor High Heat Decontamination, 6 Split Inner Doors,

Benchmark Scientific 180L Plus CO2 Incubator (H3565-180HDO2) With O2 Control, Dual IR Beam Sensor High Heat Decontamination, 6 Split Inner Doors,

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These new Benchmark Scientific CO2 incubators for mammalian cell culture are loaded with features and options making them among the most versatile and safest cell culture incubators on the market. 

The stainless steel interior delivers excellent temperature uniformity and has seamless, rounded corners for quick and easy clean up. 

The digital control panel precisely maintains the six-heating elements that surround the interior for unparalleled uniformity (+/- 0.4C).

With six-sided heating, air-flow is minimized resulting in reduced concern for contamination. 

Dual Infrared Beam sensors track and monitor the CO2 density accurately.

Transparent, sealed inner glass doors allows for visualization of samples without exposing the chamber to ambient temperatures. This improves performance and reduces energy waste. 

The inner part of the door including the door frame is heated which helps reduce condensation from forming on the inner glass door.

The 180L model comes standard with three stainless steel shelves and can accommodate up to eighteen total shelves.

The 180L model can be stacked two units high to increase capacity without sacrificing floor space. 

Both units can be fitted with a CO2 safe orbital shaker with a remote controller for growing suspension cells.

NOW featuring a display built into the door which can pair with the optional Live Cell Imaging microscope mounted inside the CO2 incubator. 

The integrated microscope allows for constant viewing of cells without having to open the incubator and disrupting cell growth.

NOTE - You must supply a CO2 regulator or purchase this one (works with MyTemp Mini CO2 and this as well) 

This upgraded plus model offers these three premium features: 

1. Rapid eight-hour high-heat decontamination cycle. Turn it on when you leave at night and come back to a fully decontaminated incubator in the morning

2. 6 split inner doors for quickly accessing samples. Reduces CO2 waste and significantly decreases the risk for contamination

3. O2 control to closely mimic hypoxic conditions found in the body.

Temperature Range:
Ambient +5 to 60C
Temperature Accuracy:
+/-0.1C (at 37C set temp)
Temperature Uniformity:
+/-0.4C (at 37C set temp)
Temperature Increments:
Temperature Stability:
CO2 Range:
CO2 Sensor:
Dual Beam IR
CO2 Variance, Temperature
Programmable Humidity:
Digitally Controlled 95%RH
High Heat Decontamination:
Chamber Dimensions (W x D x H):
18.7 x 20.8 x 28
Split Inner Door:
Yes, 2 compartments
Internal Power Port:
Shelves Included:
Maximum # of Shelves:
Maximum Weight Per Shelf:
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H):
22 x 22.6 x 37.2
Can be Fitted with Orbital Shaker?:
120V or 230V 50-60Hz (350W)