20L Carboys

These fantastic carboys are going to change the way people think about liquid storage. 

No more leaking spigots

No more bulky "barrel chested" containers that hog your bench top space

No more clumsy caps that cannot be opened because the last person to tighten them thought he was Hercules. 

Available in several different materials and beautifully labeled to identify the volume, fill line, material and whether the carboy is autoclavable. 

You are going to love your Stellar Scientific carboy. We guarantee it

The carboys in this section are 20L (4 gallons) in volume and come with either a 83mm or 120mm (so large you can stick your entire arm in) easy to open cap. 

There are dozens of optional cap choices depending on how you will use your carboy. Please visit the carboy cap page to see those.