Vista Lab ali-Q™ Pipette Controller for General Pipetting and Aliquoting

Vista Lab ali-Q™ Pipette Controller for General Pipetting and Aliquoting

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The ali-Q pipette controller is the only pipette aid with a separate function for performing aliquots. Never before has it been so easy to blow through routine aliquoting with this level of precision. 

The ali-Q pipette controller can be used as a standard pipette aid with the familiar two-button technique. But set the special dial for aliquoting any volume repeatedly from 0.5 to 5.0ml. Using the special aliquot button, a simple press is all it takes to distribute the correct amount time and again. 


  • Highly accurate and precise aliquoting without the need to “eyeball” the meniscus
  • Push one button to aliquot
  • Aliquot any volume from 0.5 to 5.0 mL
  • Compatible with all brands and sizes of serological pipets; optimal performance when using Wobble-not pipets
  • Intelligent measuring system = real-time corrections for varying environmental conditions- No adjustment necessary!
  • Accuracy and precision maintained at any dispense angle for more comfortable body positions, especially beneficial in the hood
  • Ergonomic shape design for optimal grip comfort
  • Self-standing, like all Ovation pipettes!

What are the accuracy and precision performance specs?

When using ali-Q as a standard pipet controller, the accuracy and precision (CV%) is determined by the graduations on the serological pipet used, which are typically 1-2%, as well as the user’s ability to consistently eyeball the meniscus and control the liquid dispense.

When using ali-Q as an aliquoting pipet controller,  accuracy and precision (CV%) specifications are as follows:

With any brand serological pipet (any size) 3% accuracy and 2% CV @ 5.0 mL ; 4% accuracy and 3% CV @ 0.5 mL

Battery life and warranty:

The ali-Q takes three hours to charge fully, and will operate for 40 hours on a single charge!

The lithium battery has a life-span of 10+ years.

One-Year full warranty

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