Tissue Culture Packages

When your research laboratory in heavily engaged in tissue or cell culture, the amount of plastic consumables needed can be staggering. 

There are dozens of critical items which are used frequently in the process of engineering cellular growth. 

From vacuum filtration systems needed to sterilize or purify media to conical centrifuge and microcentrifuge tubes for storing cells and reagents.

This includes a wide assortment of growth surfaces like six-well plates, ninety-six well plates or T75 flasks to apparatus for removing cells from their growth platforms like cell scrapers. 

While no two cell culture laboratories are exactly the same, over time certain protocols have been established that make the process of growing cells and tissue more routine and predictable. 

To help keep the costs of tissue culture reasonable and to make the flow of tissue culture consumables more even we have partnered with CellTreat to present three distinct cell culture deals that cover the widest range of tissue culture lab needs. 

Each Pallet Pack deal contains dozens of essential tissue culture consumables of varying quantities. Choose the Pallet Pack that most closely matches your need. 

As the name implies, Pallet Packs ship via freight and require the lab to have a loading dock for easy delivery. 

Freight is complementary for any lab in the Continental USA. 

Additional bonus gifts and gift cards will be included where there are no rules or laws prohibiting accepting such gifts. 

True to our mission, we aim to simplify your cell culture work with quick "point-click-done" accessibility. 



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