Loyalty Rewards


As a mission-driven, customer-centric company, Stellar Scientific believes that the greatest rewards are those that perpetuate the development of science and discovery.

Free ipads and t-shirts are nice gifts, but can sometimes be seen as cheapening the research endeavor. 

When you make purchases from us, each dollar spent accrues in your lab account which can later be redeemed for valuable discounts on the products you need.

Every dollar is valued at 2 cents. For each $1000 you spend you earn a $20 credit which may be used for any item in our store.

That's right, even if it means we give something away for free, its the least we can do to help advance your research. (You may not apply your discount towards shipping).


When you choose to PAY IT FORWARD,  we will increase the value of your rewards by 20%!

Maybe you have a colleague whose been having a rough time getting grants approved..

Maybe a fellow lab-mate is having a birthday and you'd like to celebrate the occasion by buying them a lab tool of their own...

Maybe there is a local public or private school that desperately needs funding for their STEM program...

Gift them the gift of science and we will email your recipient a gift card notice letting them know the amount they have waiting for them at our site.  


Think we're something special?

Please tell your friends about us with a helpful referral. 

When you do, and your friend makes a purchase (please remind them to mention your name) of $250 or more, you BOTH will receive a credit of $10 on your account to be used towards your next purchase!

The more people you refer, the more money you sock away! Line up the whole department and you might just pick up a free centrifuge. Now that is easy money.


If you've registered an account with us through our online portal, your credits will be added to your account within five (5) business days of having reached the next threshold. You are free to apply them at any time to a future purchase of your choice.  

If you have made purchases over the phone with either your rep or customer service, or if you have submitted a PO to be paid at a time in the future as per accepted terms, points will be posted to your account record at the end of the month in which your purchase has been paid for in full. A certificate will be emailed to you as record of your store credit. It is your responsibility to preserve this document, and you must request that your points be applied to your purchase. 

When paying the reward forward both you and the recipient must notify us of the transaction. Points that were paid forward but not used within the next 10 weeks will revert back to the donor at their original value.