CellTreat Filter Pipette Tips

CELLTREAT Scientific Products Pipette Tips deliver high performance with exceptional value. A perfect balance between raw materials and efficient manufacturing process results in superior low retention

  • Pipette Tips are universal fit and compatible with major pipettes
  • Pipette Tips have smooth, hydrophobic surfaces to ensure accurate pipetting
  • Filters reduce cross contamination and prevent damaging aerosols from penetrating into the pipette, and are positioned to allow extra headspace when pipetting maximum volume
  • 200µL filter tip is longer than standard tips for better access to vessels and increased headspace to filter
  • Molded volume reference markings offer a quick double check opportunity
  • Hinged Lids are designed for easy one-handed opening, making it easier to access repeatedly
  • Lids have a stacking feature for added stability and a secure locking tab
  • Interior support ribs prevent rack from warping