Accuris qMAX™ Gold qPCR Mix

Successful PCR requires careful control of many variables. Pipetting accuracy,  enzyme performance, dNTP concentrations, are just a few of the variables that can all contribute to reaction problems. 

Accuris has developed their new qMAX Gold to control these variables and help you achieve the best possible amplification performance. To reduce the chance of pipetting errors, qMAX Gold includes an inert yellow dye so small volumes are easy to visualize in PCR plates.  “See what you’re doing, and where you’ve been”.

qMAX Gold is a ready to use, 2X mastermix of Accuris Hot Start Taq enzyme, dNTPs, a sensitive fluorescent intercalating dye, and optimized reaction buffer.

The Hot Start Taq allows reaction set up at room temperature while the temperature stable formulation guarantees optimal performance even if the mix is left at room temperature for extended periods.

Just add primers and DNA targets to the mix, and then proceed to amplification. qMAX Gold is compatible with all real time thermal cyclers and exhibits high sensitivity with normal or fast 2-step cycling protocols.