70µm Cell Strainers, PP, Gamma Sterilized, 50/case

70µm Cell Strainers, PP, Gamma Sterilized, 50/case

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Cell Strainers make obtaining a more uniform single cell suspension easy. Three nylon mesh pore sizes are available for isolating cells of different sizes, and cell strainers are faster and easier than gauze filtering to remove cell clumps and tissues that interfere with sensitive instrumentation. Ideal for stem cell and tissue-derived primary cell preparation. Tab enables easy aseptic handling. Individually packaged and gamma sterilized. They are ideal for preparing specimens for flow cytometry, because of their ability of removing cell clumps and foreign objects from cell suspensions and research samples before the analyses, which will protect expensive and sensitive instruments such as the flow cytometer or the cell sorter. These cell strainers are also used for primary cell culture, as well as in procedures involving stem cells, cells derived from tissues and cancer cells, such as the operations of preparing primary cell cultures and immunogens.

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